Friday, August 5, 2011

Check out my buddy's new blog

If you've never heard of  Vicente Lozano be patient. You will. He is one of the most talented writers I know, so I'm thrilled he finally decided to launch a blog (click on his name).  He is the second, among my most talented writer friends to launch a blog and let me say, it's long overdue.

This may sound snarky, but it seems to me that the first rush to blogging was made by those who were pushed into it by book P.R. folk, or by those who approached the process with the breathless anticipation of a teenage boy about to get some. Neither of those make for good blogging or writing, for that matter. So, it's cool to see writers—good writers—taking the form seriously. It may be going the way of MySpace, but I trust that after a fallow period, the form will emerge anew. How do I know this? It's just a hunch. In this restless media climate, I think the chips are still falling and I have to believe that good, solid writing will eventually survive.

Vince only has two posts. But please read and comment. It will encourage him and I'm all for encouraging good writers!

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