Saturday, January 29, 2011

A shout out from Sandra Cisneros— How cool is that?

San Antonio-based Sandra Cisneros and Austin-based writer David Rice spoke about the world Chican@/Latin@ writers find themselves creating in, in this installment of National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation, hosted by Neal Conan. Click on this link to read the transcript and listen to what what said. The remarks at the end of this interview are also illuminating.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New in 2011

For those of you wondering what I do when I'm not writing books—in other words, what do I do for a living?— I write for this fine alt-weekly, the Austin Chronicle. This is the cover of a new anthology of music writing gathered over three decades. While I am not a music writer (it's freaking hard!), I managed to get three pieces in here. Maybe more. The small, crowded print in the online Table of Contents made scanning hard. I'm thrilled, because one of the pieces I'm most happy with is included, a review of of Charanga Cakewalk's Chicano Zen

The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology is available from the University of Texas Press next month. To pre-order or to get the deets, click here.