Monday, August 31, 2009

Look Who's reading DAMAS, DRAMAS, AND ANA RUIZ

It's been a hectic two weeks. Just now catching my breath! I did a heap of laundry today after many, many, many weeks of delay. This book release business is exhausting, but it's been great to meet so many excited readers and fans new to the Quinceañera Club series.

I'm starting something new here on the blog: if anyone can send me the most unusual pic of Damas—either in an unusual setting, or with a copy of the book in the hands of a famous/near famous person—and the photo makes me laugh, sigh, or go "wow," I'll send you a FREE book. Yes, that's right: a free book, right to your mailbox!

Send your photos to me at Please, nothing "blue" or off-color.

My selections are totally subjective but may be selected based on the quality of the photo in addition to the content. So, your blurry photos won't fly and your super-high-res-photos will not upload. Use "web quality" on your camera, if possible. I'll pick a winner each week. In the meantime, I'm going to upload photos from my friends and colleagues collected since Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz came out.

This photo: creatures in Cuernevaca, Mexico courtesy of Liliana Valenzuela: translator, poet, wife, mother, Macondista, y mi comadre buena.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Indie Live Austin Interview with Elliot Jackson

Elliot did the interview, but the remarkable Johnny Ramirez is the savant behind this wonderful series that goes to look for what's new and exciting in Austin's Latino music and culture scene. Interspersed with the musical performances are interviews with artists. I am honored that Johnny and his crew decided to include me in their series. My interview (posted below) should air sometime in September. But you can always find Indie Live Austin clips on YouTube and Vimeo.

Belinda Acosta-Book Release Party from Johnny Ramirez on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DAMAS Book Release party was DA BOMB!!!!!

Oh, my goodness! The book release party was even more fabulous than I hoped it would be! Yes, there are more photos to come. Many friends brought their cameras and I'm in the process of gathering their media files and will upload a photo album asap. In the meantime, check out Mr. Michael Barnes's "Out & About" column posted this afternoon (he's the Austin American-Statesman's Social Critic). He's got some great photos, including some of the lovely quinces who graced us with their loveliness (yeah, I had on the tiara, but they charmed the crowd—and me. They were adorable).

My feet are sore and my apartment is a disaster area (did I mention that they are re-plumbing my unit, starting the week of the release party? Don't ask). But no time to whine. Must move on to the next thing on my long list of things to do. Boring things like laundry and important things like planning for my first San Antonio readings on Aug. 29 (check the events calendar elsewhere on this site).

Oh, just in case you were wondering: I have no idea why my mouth is open. Thankfully, the lovely Racheal Torres takes the attention off my goofy expression. Racheal is "la madre de Las Comadres Book Club." She's in charge of managing all the details of the bookclubs Las Comadres has—a great woman, a new friend, and best of all, a reader! What writer wouldn't love her?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Virtual ink from UT-Austin

A little online ink from my alma mater. I'm not so fond of my "official" publicity photo, so I'm including this candid shot with me and mi hermanito Paul Saucido. See post below for the fabulous interview he did with me last week.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Paul Saucido, the host of Sonido Boombox, which originates here in Austin, Texas, was kind enough to include me on his show. If you live in Austin, you can catch new episodes on Fridays at 8pm on cable channel 15.

A clip of our interview is below. FYI....Paul is one of my handsome bailadores for the book release party on August 18. ¡Ajua!

Belinda Acosta Interview from SaucidoSlant on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DAMAS hits bookstores Aug. 11!

Can you believe it? It's still not real to me—I'll believe it when I walk into my favorite bookstore on August 11, and see it there in living color.

Speaking of "living color," check out this pretty palette of dresses in the photo. This was taken at the end of the fashion show at the Quince Expo & Latina Bridal Festival I appeared at last weekend in Austin, Texas. The expo is not your typical "book event," but I had to go when the invite was warmly offered by event planner (and sister las comadres member) Cindy Benavides. If there was any doubt that anyone heard me, those doubts were dashed when en eager bunch of young women and their mothers came up after I read to find out more about the book. Looks like there's a bright future for the Quinceañera Club series. Eso!

If you'd like to read an excerpt of Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz, scroll down below or clique aqui.

UPDATE: A local rep from Barnes & Noble here in Austin told me that Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz is in her store now. Also, family in Nebraska reports they got their copies ordered from Amazon in the mail on Friday.