Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uniendo Talentos--A Writers' Circle at the Big Read

Have you heard of The Big Read, a National Endowment for the Arts supported project? Austin Community College is hosting local Big Read events, while similar projects occur across the nation over several months. The Big Read includes readings and related events meant to celebrate reading and literacy. This year's featured author is Julia Alvarez (who so kindly and generously blurbed my first book, Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz.)

As a writer, reading and literacy is one of my causes. So, I was thrilled when Dulce Bread and Bookshop owner Teresa Carbajal Ravet asked me to help her assemble a last minute addition to the Big Read line up. And thanks to our fellow comadre Myrna Cabello (who, regrettably, will  not be able to join us this time around),  I think we've assembled a fabulous event: Uniendo Talentos: A Latino Writers Creative Circle. This unusual event will feature a round table discussion with writers from several disciplines. I serve as the moderator, engaging this astonishing group of writers to talk about their work: Novelist Cristina Garcia, Austin-based singer-songwriter David Garza, and up and coming filmmaker, Miguel Alvarez. What will be unusual about this event is that the artists are invited to ask each other questions about their work:
How is a poem like a song?
What is the language of film?
How do we hear words?

Besides the talk, each participant will share a bit of their work. So, all five senses will be covered: the aroma of fresh coffee and the taste of goodies from the host venue, the music of spoken word by Garcia and myself, the sound of music by David Garza, and a short visual treat from Miguel. I'm excited! I hope you are too!

Uniendo Talentos takes place at Dominican Joe's Coffee Shop, a cozy coffee shop at the corner of Riverside and Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. Click here for the details. Hope you can make it.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Hey, if you are interested in giving back to the literary community this holiday season, you should play in the Book Blogger Holiday Swap.