Friday, October 15, 2010

Latino Book & Family Festival, Los Angeles - 2010

I was there! And here's my name tag to prove it. It was a lovely, sunny day on the campus of California State University, Los Angeles. I was so pleased to see such a nice turn out, and even more pleased to be among friends, old and new. I got to visit with an old friend who I hadn't seen in 20 years. That was such a treat! I got to meet Reyna Grande (who it looks like I'll see again at the Latina Women's Corporate Conference in Phoenix), and catch up with my fellow Macondistas at the LBFF dinner.

Macondistas represent! Left to right: Liz Gonzalez, me, Amada Perez, Tatiana de la Tierra. We all appeared on or moderated panels. I spoke on the panel, "Through the Looking Glass: Using Your Life to Write Good Fiction."

Chola pose with Edward James Olmos. Not really. I was trying to tell him something when the person taking the picture decided to shoot. Olmos lends his name to the festival, several of which occur around the country. I would really like to get one going in Austin. Heard there's some movement in San Antonio—and it makes sense to have it there. But I think an Austin version would be awesome. On the other hand, I don't need any more distractions from writing. It's a constant battle.

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  1. Hi, Belinda

    I was at the festival too! I wish I could've seen your panel, but that was such a crazy day, I, unfortunately, couldn't visit all of the workshops.

    Here's a blog that may interest you. It's called "Livin' la vida Latina," and it's all about empowering and inspiring Latinas.

    Go to