Friday, September 24, 2010

Much Awesomeness at Las Comadres Book Club!

Hello friends and fans! 

It's been a while. I am finally feeling like myself after the arthroscopic surgery this summer. I’m doing better and have graduated to a cane.

One of my first public appearances post-surgery was at the Las Comadres Book Club here in Austin. This is only one of many Comadres’ Book Clubs that meet monthly around the nation. (So much for the stereotype about Latin@s not reading. Who started that ridiculous idea, anyway?) My recent book, Sisters, Strangers, and Starting Over was the Las Comadres’ Book Club Selection for September, and the North Austin book club invited me to sit in on their discussion about the book.

The North Austin book club meets monthly at the Borders Bookstore at the Domain shopping center. Honestly, I don't travel up north much but this was well worth the trip. Do you know what it's like to sit with a group of women who read your book and have all kinds of things to say about it? It was amazing! Even their criticism was lively, offered with good humor, mucho cariño, and appreciation. I was truly, truly honored. Making time to read in this media-rich climate takes a special sort of diligence. It’s easy if you’re bibliophiles, as these women are. Listening to each of them talk, it's clear they devour books and are always on the lookout for more. In fact, they came up with three more books I should write based on their response to Sister, Strangers, and Starting Over alone!

I had a great time with these book lovers and am sure to have more fun this Monday (Sept. 27) during the Las Comadres’ Teleconference. As the featured writer for the month, I will be interviewed by Julia Amante, author of Evenings at the Argentine Club. And you can listen in. Go to the Las Comadres website for more information on how to participate in the teleconference.

Below are a few more photos from the evening, thanks to me comadre Liliana Valenzuela. Pictured above are Cynthia Ramos (c) the North Austin book club coordinator. To her left is Rachael Torres, the Las Comadres national book club coordinator. Sorry, I don't recall la comadre's name on the left. Perhaps someone will remind me.

The party's just getting started.

The sign in table. I was told these were the last of the books pre-ordered for book club!

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