Sunday, July 18, 2010

Books, Cupcakes & Song

Soooo happy that the lovely and talented Myrna Cabello is joining me on my inaugural reading of Sisters, Strangers, and Starting Over. I've known Myrna for years. We lost touch, then (thankfully) found each other again, just as her singing/songwriting career was taking off. I always knew she could sing. I didn't know what a talented songwriter she was. I'm so thrilled she found a song that would work well as an interlude piece during the reading. Short, simple, and lovely. I got goosebumps as I listened to the MP3 she sent me, later asking me, "Is this all right?"

All right? It's amazing!

If you're in Austin, join us at BookPeople as I read a little, Myrna sings a little, and we enjoy amazing cupcakes from Four Pink Dragonflies.

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