Monday, April 19, 2010

Check out the photos from the Quinceañera event April 17, 2010

Gloria Espitia, the liaison to the Mexican American community for the Austin History Center and her small crew of volunteers did a lovely job of pulling together many people, with many needs, into one tidy event. Gloria blames me for the event. I say it was all her idea. The one thing we agree on is that expanding the voices of women in the Mexican American Oral History Project in Austin is a must. That's why this event was so important: to spread the word and encourage more women and their families to come forward and tell their stories—quinceañera stories and others.

In this photo, I'm standing next to Teresa Carbajal Ravet's lovely signage for her new venture, Dulce Bread and Bookshop (which I've written about before). So excited for Teresa!!

To look at more photos, click here.

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