Sunday, November 29, 2009

Artivists unite!

Below is an important message from a good friend in Mexico City. It is one of many events being created to commemorate the long, ongoing violence against women in Juarez. The plight of the women of Juarez has been largely overlooked, first, due to inefficiency and corruption. Now, due to the ever rising drug war on the border which seems to be considered more sexy and salacious than the lives of missing women. It is a subject that disturbs me, as it should all people who seek truth and justice.

Read the call for "artivists" below and see if you can help. If not, please help spread the word.

The message follows:

Dear Friends,

In March 2010, there will be a series of events in Mexico City, Mexico, Los Angeles, California, and other cities, meant to be a ritual of ritual of mourning for the femicides in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Art as a pathway of opposition and resistance to violence.

I invite you to be part of this initiative of Artivism, for which I am sending the link to our blog, where you will find the Call for Entries. This invitation is open to all citizens, organizations and artists.

The events in March will include awareness raising creative workshops, intervention actions, plays and performances and the exhibition of the art work received through the call for entries and the resulting work form the workshops.

For those who do not live in Mexico City or Los Angeles metropolitan areas, we invite you to organize your own community activity during the same month of March, 2010. It could be an Art Exhibit, a book discussion, a movie screening, a poetry reading, etc. We ask you to include the original title of this event A Prayer for Juarez, and to send us your schedule, and later on, photos and documentation, to be included in the blog.

To include your event, or for any kind of issue related, please write to us:


Thank you,

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